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Member of the Debutant & 1-year litter
of the Year 1997

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Shikareés Unicorn

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born: 1996-01, hight: 70 cm, weight: 32,5 kg

You can find more information about "Uno´s" decent:
(click at the underlined names, for more information about his parents)

Newtown Super Greenpark Fox Citizen Supreme Liberty Lad Bright Lad
Liberty Bell
Lady Armada Burgess Heather 
Skipping Chick
Stern Satoo Sail On II Big Whizzer
Beg Your Pardon Tsetse Lord
Up Two
Fast Opinion Express Opinion Sandman Friend Westy
Miss Gorgeous
Yanka Bet Yanka Boy
 Silver Bell
Rothe Star Lax Law Tain Mor
Lady Rowley
Rothe Vixen Kilbelin Style
Rothe Vicky
Pretzel Logic Roundtower Grove Whisper Wishes Sandman Friend Westy
Miss Gorgeous
Micklem Drive Lively Band
Back O'The Gap
Duffers Daisy Duffers Ranger Ballyglass Lundy
Duffers Sally
Crafty Pearl Tender Hothead
Val's First

Lethal Lady

Moral Support Yellow Band Lively Band
Monalee Peg
Melody la Moore Itsachampion
Torbal Black
Summer Crab Wolesley Star Rockfield Era
Careless Star
Harleypark Vixon Dusty Trial
Jerpoint Lizard

"Uno" is racing in highest class over middledistance. His litter mates is also racing in highest class, downbelow you can find some of the results from their careers.

Fenrir Winner of the Swedish Greyhound Derby 1998, Gaxe Trofé 1998, Frans Sprint 1998, September Sprint 1998, Elit 500 1999, was runner-up in SHS Trofé 1999, S:t Eriks Cup 1999. He has been very lightly raced in the autumn 1998 because of inflammation of both lungs  under the summerperiod.
Centaur Winner of the Finnos Cup 1997, Debutant Cup 1997, Smedernas Cup 1997, Storĺls Cupen 1998, Silverskölden 1999.
He has reached two Swedish Greyhound Derby finals 1998 and 1999, was runner-up in Majpokalen 1998,  in the Breeders finals 1998 and Thumatorps Trofén & has reached highest points over middledistance. He has been lightly raced in 1999 because of a toe injury but will be back on the tracks in the late autumn.
Griffin Winner of Djurakuten Cup 1997, Puppy Derby 1997, Svenskt Uppfödningslopp 1998, S:t Eriks Cup 1998, SHS +25 1998, Zeunerts Cup 1998, Priima Cup 1998, SHS Open Series A-finals 1999, Norrby Cup 1999, Birka Cruises Open 1999 and was runner-up in Gästrike Cup 1997, Djurakuten Open 1998 & reached highest points over middledistance. He has not raced in the beginning of 1999 because of a toe injury, he will be back on the tracks in the autumn.
Genie Winner of Educated Girls Tiktrofé 1997, was in the consolationfinal in the Swedish Greyhound Derby 1997, was runner-up in Puppy Derby 1997, Sommarpokalen 1997, injured badly her hip under a training session. She was for a very short period out on the tracks again 1999, but injured her self again after just a few races.
Mermaid Runner-up in Suraruset Cup 1998, SHS 500 II 1998, Norrby Race 1999, Extra Race 1999.
Pixie Runner-up in Derby Race 1998.
Minotaur Has just started racing, because of early injuries under the schooling period.

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Here you can find "Uno´s" racingresults.

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