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colour: black, born: 19XX-XX, hight: XX cm, weight: XX kg

Itsachampion won the Guinness600/Irish Cesarewithch. The strong running black threw many great greyhounds, some, like Lacca Champion, also inherited his nervous streak.

Itsachampions sire was the great Monalee Champion who was the most successful tracksire of the last quater century. Monalee Champion was a 67 pound black dog arrived in Britain three montīs avter Geoff Hurstīs World Cup hat-trik. He broke the track reckord that Feraless Mac have held for six years with 11 spots. Monalee was retired in November 1967 and at the insistence of the great Jack Mullan, Fred Warrell bought the dog for Ģ750. He joined Mullanīs Newry kennel and his first pups were welped in June 1968. Monalee threw the winners of everything worth winning, which included the English Derby, Irish Derby and the Coursing Derby. He became the first dog in 20 years to sire two American National Win Champions, Some Prarie and All-Star Bobby.

Monalee was himself classically bred. His sire Crazy Parachute - third in the 1959 English Derby - is the only dog ever to throw four runners in the same English Derby Final (1967). Crazy Parachute also sired Spectre II who became the best sire of stayers of his day with two St Leger winners. Monaleeīs dam Sheila At Last would have been barely less famous hand she not produced her Champion Overall, her Crazy Parachute litters was probably not her best, certainly not on track achievements. Championīs comrades included Monalee Swallow, Autumn Rainbow, Monalee Prince.

Updated: 2000-02-10