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colour: white/black, born: 1973-08, hight: XX cm, weight: XX,X kg


If the 1970s were ruled by Monalee Champion, then the 1980s belonged to the American import Sand Man.
Sand Man raced at Yuma track in Arizona and at Pueblo in Colorado for the Wegert Kennels Sand Man won Grade 1 at Yuma and Grade A at Pueblo, in each case over 550 yards where he usually had to be in early contention to win. He recorded 31,59 at Pueblo when JJ Eckert held the course record in 30,94.

Interestingly, he was a very small dog, his racing weight was between 63 and 65 pounds. Several of Sand Manīs comrades were considerably more successful. Back in 1977, Limerick stud keeper Peter Franklin was looking for an American import and had asked American navy padre Dan Greene, to keep look out. Several were suggested but when Franklin heart of Sand Mansīs breeding, he set his heart on the dog.

Sand Man, who was due to be put to sleep at the end of his racing career, and Skycap left quarentine kennels in January 1978. Franklin had aquired Sand Manin a swap for a 29,60. haroldīs Cross winner Faithful Judy. On the day that Sand Man left quarentine kennels Peter Franklin put a bitch recently apparently losing his touch. He owned an American imort, (back in 1978, they had a fairly moderate reptation) who had been at least third or fourth best in his litter.

A year on, the dog had only 22 matings, including many of Franklinīs own bitches, and the dog was almost six yars old. Then they hit the track!

The first litter included Midland Oaks finalist White Sand. The second litter included Man of Ice (Irich TV Tropy finalist) and the useful Nimble Twinkle. But there was one litter in particular among that first 22 that set Sand Man on his way. They were bred by John Dalton out of Maythorn Pride. The litter included In Flght (English Derby finalsit), stud dog Sand Black, and bitches Strange Legend (Irish Oaks), Miss Hilary, Kasco Lad, Slight Chill, Bleak Weather and Miss Peel.

From then the dog went from strength to strength. He was sold for a reputed Ģ32,000 in 1979 and joined early in his career and his fertility did not waver until the summer of 1987 by shich time he was 14. He died in June 1988. History will show that Sand Man brought a toughness to Irleandīs pacey dam lines and the Sand Man cross with LindaīChampion bitches was the most succesful pairing of the 1980īs. Sandman threw for all distances, there were sprint champions going all the way to the greatest marathon performer in the history of racing in Europe, Scurlogue Champ. Overall, the majority of his best offspring preferred the long side of 550 yards. Sand Man has created his own special niche in the history of Irish breeding and his influence will be seen for generations.

Updated: 2000-02-10