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Big Whizzer

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colour: XX, born: 19XX-XX, hight: XX cm, weight: XX kg


Big Whizzer reached twice the final of the International classic at Flagler but was beaten in both with slight doubts over his temperament. He died early in his stud career having made a highest placing of fourth (1979) in the American sire charts. Fortunately, his mantle was taken over by his son Downing, sho was champion sire in 1983/84/85. Big Whizzer also threw one time world record holder Joe Dump and Flashy Sir winnerr Blazing Red among a quality crop.

Big Whizzer was by one the greats of American racing. Westy Whizzer. he was the American Win Champion in 1966 with 49 victories and is in the top 15 of all time with a career record of 107 wins. Whizzer was on the All American Team in 164/65 and captain in 1966 (that´s where the toughess comes from).

As stud, Westy Whizzer threw to All American captains, two Rural Rubes and a Flashy Sir winner. he never made champion sire, but was runner-up twice and in the top five for five years.

Big Whizzer´s dam Tulia was also exceptionally well connected. Her sister Toya produced the great brood JN's Lou C Mar, who threw five track record breakers and four track record holders with War Eagle possibly the best.

Updated: 2000-02-10