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Roundtower Grove

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born: 1986-11, hight: 71 cm, weight: 35 kg

"Prince" is something special both exterial and by achievement. He is the first dog that has entered Swedish grounds who has placed himself in the semifinals in the English Derby. He missed his chance to the finals because he was pushed out under the race. He was runner up in the consolationfinals under the Puppy Derby and
has beated the Derbywinner 1989 Lartigue Note twise (when he ran on the Dunmoretrack on the time 23,44, 398m) and many other stars both in Ireland and in England.

"Prince" debuted in Open Race and raced after that only in this class. He won six of his seven trials, and has on 51 starts won 19 races and there among a bunch of Cup titles. "Prince" was one of the best litters (who has won the most) after Whisper Wishes and therefore he got the price as "Studdog of the year" for the third time.

"Prince's" father Whisper Wishes won the English Derby in 1984 and is seen as the best that has ever been in both racing and in stud.

Hes mother Duffers Daisy is a coursingbitch. She is after the great dog Duffers Ranger, he stands in a class of himself in stud when we look at the coursingside. Duffers Ranger, as well as his litter Crafty Thrillers deacents has whiped clean on the coursingtracks.

Downbelow you can find some of the times that "Prince" has achieved on the tracks:

Dunmore 23,44 (trackrecord 23,11)
Enniscorthy 30,75 (trackrecord 30,40)
Mallingar 31,18 (trackreckord 30,88)
Wembley 16,32
Wimbledon 29,28
Thurles 18,24 (2/10 from trackreckord)
Harolds Cross 29,40
Kilkenny 16,76 and 29,56
Limerick 29,44
Mulligar 31,48
Clonmel 29,24

Updated: 2000-02-10