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Bright Lad

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colour: bluebrindle, born: 1967-10, hight: XX cm, weight: 33,5 kg


When "Lad" first was put around the schooling track he was a flying machine. At 18 months old and without a race under his belt, the bluebindle was entered in the 1969 Produce Stakes at Clonmel, he ended as third in the finals with an injured toe.  His career was brief and marred by injury. He didnīt stay four bends at top speed but broke the 300 yard track record at Shawfield in 16,60.

Bright Lad built his reputation on his early paced offspring, but maybe through his American lines, they were also as tough as teak and thrived on hard work. The combination was ideal for competitions and the owner Micky "Gilly" often noted that Bright Lad's progeny "stole" more races than they won.

In stud he produced some great broods including Lucky Arrival (dam of Easy And Slow and Cathys Fugitive), Lady maiden (dam of Aulton Villa), Knockrour Girl (dam of Upton Rocket) and Quare Fur (dam of Dads Bank). "Lads" most sucessful son,  was Liberty Lad.

Sadly, Bright Lads stud career was not a long one. He developed cancer in a hind leg and died under the aneastihetic to have it amputated. Lad died before his ninth birthday with less than five years serving behind him. Fortunately, his record of having refused only one bitch in his entire stud career gave him a chance of proving his worth.

"Lad" was by the American import Rocket Ship who was a mixture of Australian and American breeding.

Updated: 2000-02-10