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Moral Support

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colour: bluebrindle, born: 1982-01, hight: XX cm, weight: 29,5 kg


"Support" mate his track debut in May 1983 and duly obliged in 30,42 for Shelbourne“s 525 yards. He won again in 29,85 before suffering four successive defeats.
He was switched to Dundalk for the Paddy Martin Memorial. He won his heat in 29,92 and then beat the useful Cheif Ironside by over four lengths in the final. "Support“s" winning time was 30,06.
Next up at Dundalk wast the Eastern Electrical Nursery with the final destined for International night. Support won his heat in 29,92 and beat the great bitsh Killowna Gem by three and a quater in the fina. Supports winning time was 29,82. Quick Suzy's Dundalk International victory was clocked at 29,94.
He won again, this time at Newbride in 29,46 and landed an open at Cork, withourt a trial, in 29,14. Back Garden won the Lurels final at the same meeting in 29,66. Support was sold for a reputed £21,000 but injured a wrist in a trial at Clonmel and had to be retired. He was still only 19 months of age and boasted a race career of 12 races, 8 wins, 1 second, 1 third.

"Support" was the most successful son of Yellow Band and is from trafk breeding in recent generations with a coursing tail to the dam line. "Support", like his father Yellow Band is famous for two reasons. Firstly, he throws exceptional stock. Second, he is a notorious server. His pups is known as very generally very genuine and tough.

Updated: 2000-02-10