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Pretzel Logic

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born: 91-08, hight: 69 cm, weight: 31 kg

You can find more information about "Sussies" decent:
(click at the underlined names, for more information about her parents)

Roundtower Grove Whisper Wishes Sandman Friend Westy
Miss Gorgeous
Micklem Drive Lively Band
Back O'The Gap
Duffers Daisy Duffers Ranger Ballyglass Lundy
Duffers Sally
Crafty Pearl Tender Hothead
Val's First
Lethal Lady Moral Support Yellow Band Lively Band
Monalee Peg
Melody la Moore Itsachampion
Torbal Black
Summer Crab Wolesley Star Rockfield Era
Careless Star
Harleypark Vixon Dusty Trial
Jerpoint Lizard
"Sussie" has raced in highest class over sowell sprint- as middledistance over her whole career and have reached highest points over middle- and sprintdistance. The litter she comes from was choosen to the Litter of the Year 1994 and her brothers and sisters has also raced in highest class, here are some of the results from their careers:
Magic Mission Winner of SM 1993, Debutantcupen, Elitloppet, Bi Pe Cup, Bento Cup, AKB Cup, Hills Performance, Royal Canin (Dogs) & reached highest points over middle- and sprintdistance
Little Prince Winner of Eucanuba Sprint, Vivo Sprint, Eagle Sprint + 5 finaler  & reached highest points over sprintdistance
Magic Model Winner of Mellancupen & reached highest points over middledistance
White Hawk Winner of Kennel Lupus Cup, Lågpriscup & reached highest points over sprintdistance
Cherokee Winner of Norrby Cup, Cons Hundköket Sprint & reached highest points over sprintdistance
Rebel Heart Exported to Denmark, raced in the highest class

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Here you can find "Sussies" racingresults.

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Updated: 2000-02-10