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Sail On II

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Brindle, born: 198X-XX, hight: XX cm, weight: 36 kg


Sail On, was imported to Ireland in the spring of 1981, the "II" was added since the name had already been registered. The strapping 36 kilo brindle broke in at Hollywood in December 78. He raced through to A grade and by April 79 had won 7 och his 22 races, 15 times in the money. He switched to Wonderland and won 7 of his 24 races, again in Grade A and was 19 times in the money.

He returned to Hollywood for another 23 (7 wins) and finished his career at Wonderland with 6 wins from 11 races, all over 550 yards, Sail Onīs final career tally showed 80 races 27 wins, 17 seconds, 9 thirds. In other words 59 times in the money at two of the USītoughest tracks.

Sail was from a great litter. Egiht of the ten won Grade A at Hollywood, and Wonderland an between them won 134 races. Although they were all fine greyhounds Sail On and his talanted brotherr Glory Ahead were the two fastest. The latter won a King And Queen Stake at Wonderland an contested a Futurity Final at Wonderland.

Sail On sired his first pups in April 1981 and had two dozen bitches mated before the turn of the year. The early crop included Count Five, Curryhills Sailor, Minorcas Dahlia, Lulus Hero, and sailing Weather. His reputation grew as he introduced toughness and no small ammount of speed into Irish breeding.

Pat Dalton found Sail On was the perfect cross for the various daughters of Maythorn Pride that he had in the yard. Despite the fact that he ws on a different continetn, Sail On managed second position in the Wonderland sires table, just behind Placid Ace but ahead of great dogs like Unruly, Kunta Kinte, Black Aztec and Rooster Cogburn.

In Britain and Ireland, the winners mounted up. In truth, a percentage of Sail On's developed a reputation for having the occasional "off nigt", though theri overall ability easily outshone his minor flaw. Whats more he produced for all distances, sprintes like Plain Sailing, middle distance dogs like Lulus Hero and stayers like Chicita Banana.

Updated: 2000-02-10