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born: 1995-12, hight: 72 cm, weight: 34 kg

You can find more information about "Thasos" decent:
(click at the underlined names, for more information about his parents)

Slaneyside Hare Skelligs Tiger Bold Work Itsachampion
Silver Moll
Lemon Soda Peruvian Style
Skipping Chick
Slaneyside Queen The Other Duke Brilliant Chimes
Graceful Queen
Sand Princess Sandman
Prince of Rocks

Glue Vixen

Greenpark Fox Citizen Supreme Liberty Lad
Lady Armada
Stern Satoo Sail On II
Beg Your Pardon
Westmead Glow Tico The Stranger
Derry Linda
Westmead Move Whisper Wishes
Westmead Tania

"Thasos" had an hook injurie 1998 and after his return to the tracks, he won SHS Open Series A-finals, S:t Eriks Cup 1999. Before his injurie he noted times like - Stockholm 17,27 (291m) 29,68 (481m), Simrishamn 31,60 (500m), Järbo 29,71 (480m).

"Thasos" is very well bred, with a litterbrother like the antepost favorite for the English Derby 1998, Ground Zero (injured, exported to Australia as a stud dog) and many more. His littermates are:

Ground Zero Antepost favorite for the English Derby 1998, injured and was exported to Australia as a studdog (new name Ground Hero).
In the Wild Open race A2, Track Champion Henlow
Sort Out Open race A2, Wimbledon
OakMount Vixen Openracer, exported to Sandown Australia, is winning over there.
Pleasent Mind Winner of Sommarpokalen 1997, Mästersprint 1998, AKB Trofé 1998. Best times noted - Stockholm 17,26  (291m) 29,63 (481m), Borås 18,12 (285m), Sundsvall 29,23 (480m)
Swedish Slaney Winner of Black & Red Racing 1997, Breeders 1997, Apell Plåt Cup 1997. 
Best times noted - Alingsås 30,84 (500m), Stockholm 29,41 (481m), Simrishamn 31,53 BR (500m) 1997 .
Fair Bianca Winner of Köplusten Cup 1997. 
Best times noted - Västerås 31,39 (500m), very little raced because of her seasons.


Thasos pups with Jennifer Brown born 1999, from his first litter 
is looking very good.

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You can get more information about Thasos from his owner

Bo Ländin, phone no: +46 8 7246179

Updated: 2000-09-28