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Slaneyside Hare

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Black, born: 1989-01, hight: XX cm, weight: 70 lb

Slaneyside Hare´s rise to the top of the stud table was not an instant success story. He stood at stud with Paddy Sweeney, his owner George Lightfoot and Nick Savva before eventually joining Micky O´Sullivan´s Ballingarry range where the success story took off.

Hardly an oilpainting, Hare threw many better looking than himself and a very few poo specimens. He threw for all distances. Most of his offspring stayed 500 m and ungenuine Hare´s are virtually unknown.
Critics sometimes suggest Hare threw a highter than average percentage of unsound dogs. Is that because they were also that bit faster?

Hare was the reigning champion sire and is now dead. The dog who threw th 1997 English Derby winner Some Picture and He Knows, developed cancer and was put to sleep within the last month.

Handler Micky O´Sullivan said: "Considering he only served half as many bitches in a year as many of the other top dogs he really showed his quality. He was a real superstar and a huge loss."

Updated: 2000-02-10