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Our irish bred family member

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Bi-Visible "Visse"

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white/fawn dog, born: 1999-09-02, hight: 70 cm, weight: 31 kg

Click on Visse´s picture above and you'll find more photos of him.

You can find more information about "Visse´s" decent:
(click at the underlined names, for more information about his parents)

Justright Melody Farloe Melody Lodge Prince Sandman Friend Westy
Miss Gorgeous
Cooga Customer Top Customer
Cooga First
Chini Chin Chin Tico The Stranger
Derry Linda
Burr Tulip Allemaine
Lady Barbra
Farloe Mineola Kyle Jack Oran Jack Yellow Band
Spooky Lady
Lady Barbra Barbadus
Vals Circus
Millwalkie Lady Gayline Newdown Heather
Speckled Doll
Glenroe Bess Cairnville Jet
Glenroe Angel
Lotto Pot Shongum Country Tivoli Smut Quarrymount Smut Ballyard Point
Quarrymount Port
Wingbell Wendy Ballyglass Lundy
High Nellie
Shongum Flavor Long Legend Ballyglass Lundy
Beyond a Dream
Shongum Lake Careful Pat
Smokey Ruby
Baby Susanna I´m Slippy Laurdella Fun Supreme Fun
Glenroe Bess Cairnville Jet
Glenroe Angel
Hurry on Dahlia Hurry on Bran Brave Bran
Hurry on Hostess
Minorcas Dahlia Sail On II
Minorcas Tulip

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In the future  you can find "Visse´s" racingresults here (from year 2001).

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Updated: 2001-02-18