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Burr Tulip

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XX, born: 19XX-XX, hight: XX cm, weight: XX kg

Burr Tulip finished up a moderate grader at Peterborough despite a very promising early career with breeder Batt O´Keeffe.
Tulip´s Tico litter included a 29.60 winner at Limerick and a very fast pup who broke a wrist while schooling. Two came to England to Brian Turner who owned the dam. They were courser Olivers Rebel and a talented but badly injured bitch who was given away locally to produce lurchers.
Tulip was a comrade of Squire Jones - 37 opens and 525 track records at Clonmel and Limerick. A repeat produced Willies Pedro who finished runner-up Squire Anova, Squire Jenny (dam of Squire Delta) and Normans Star (dam of Kilpipe Whisper).

Updated: 2000-02-10