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Kennel Information

Our kennel breeds only greyhounds for racing. Our biggest interest is greyhoundracing and we have four dogs home in Sweden for the moment. Our youngest one (a bitch from our last litter) is staying with my mother in law. Find out more about her (click on her picture downbelow "Sofa Pillow").
We have very seldom puppies for sale, our kennel breeds only in very small scale. Our last litter was born in march 2000. You can find som pictures of them if you click on the sign "Photogallery".
Our Irish borned family member is a dog called "Visse", his real name is Bivisible (Justright Melody - Lotto Pot). He came to us in january 2000 (breeder mrs Theresa O'Sullivan) when he was 4 1/2 months old. Read more about him (click on his picture on the right side).
We have two dogs (one bitch and one dog) in Ireland. Chalice (Lenson Lad - Friendly Spirit) is born 1999-04, has qualifyed into the track at Kilkenny, and has just started her racingcareer.
new2.gif (11099 bytes) Our newest member is a pup called "Stoney" his real name is Stonefly Creeper (Iceni Regent - Slip The Lock). He's born 2000-02 and our both dogs is staying with Marie & Andy Doyle (where they where born). 
You can find more information about "Stoney" if you click on the flashing "New" sign. If you are curious about Chalice, click on her picture on the right side.
Read more about the award our kennel has won
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Pretzel Logic

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Sofa Pillow

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Chalice (Irl)

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