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The only bitch from our last litter

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Shikareés Sofa Pillow

born: 2000-03, hight: 69 cm, weight: 29,0 kg

You can find more information about "Sofi´s" decent:
(click at the underlined names, for more information about his parents)

Thasos Slaneyside Hare Skelligs Tiger Bold Work Itsachampion
Silver Moll
Lemon Soda Peruvian Style
Skipping Chick
Slaneyside Queen The Other Duke Brilliant Chimes
Graceful Queen
Sand Princess Sandman
Prince of Rocks

Glue Vixen

Greenpark Fox Citizen Supreme Liberty Lad
Lady Armada
Stern Satoo Sail On II
Beg Your Pardon
Westmead Glow Tico The Stranger
Derry Linda
Westmead Move Whisper Wishes
Westmead Tania
Pretzel Logic Roundtower Grove Whisper Wishes Sandman Friend Westy
Miss Gorgeous
Micklem Drive Lively Band
Back O'The Gap
Duffers Daisy Duffers Ranger Ballyglass Lundy
Duffers Sally
Crafty Pearl Tender Hothead
Val's First

Lethal Lady

Moral Support Yellow Band Lively Band
Monalee Peg
Melody la Moore Itsachampion
Torbal Black
Summer Crab Wolesley Star Rockfield Era
Careless Star
Harleypark Vixon Dusty Trial
Jerpoint Lizard

"Sofi" hasn't started racing yet. I will follow up her litter mates when they start to race.

Lethal Mind   
JEB Stuart   
Dusty Miller   

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Here you can find "Sofi´s" racingresults later under this year.

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Updated: 2001-02-19